Google Opening An Office Rochester MN

Google Opening an Office Rochester MN

Did you hear this? Google opening an office in Rochester!

Last week it was announced that our favorite search engine and Mayo Clinic are to partner over the next 10 years. What do you think this could mean for the Rochester MN housing market?

Google office Rochester MN
Google opening an office Rochester MN

This article was released last week by PostBulletin: Google, Mayo Clinic to partner with new Rochester office

While this is still early news, the new partnership is bound to bring in an influx of young professionals to the area. And to be frank, housing prices are inexpensive here compared to where many of them are coming from.

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My prediction is that Google opening an office in Rochester MN will lead to a lift in prices in the Rochester MN housing market. This is welcome news to homeowners and it will only add to the housing scramble buyers are experiencing today.

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There is always something new and fresh going on in the Rochester MN area and I’m excited to talk with you about what we can expect.

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