It’s Well Known that Digital Marketing is the Future,
But Most Marketers are Missing a Real Strategy.

Engagement Marketing is about reaching people in a relevant and useful way.

Hey there! Thank you for taking the time to read this, even if I’ve only got your attention for a short time.

On Saturday February 8th, my goal is to pull back the curtains on how I’ve been able to develop my online audience for a select group of local Rochester area business owners.

I’m not here to sell you something, I’m simply offering to show how I developed my award-winning digital marketing strategy in real estate.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

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  • How Personalized Engaging Video Content Differentiates Your Brand (Being known as a source of valuable information is key)
  • How to Properly Distribute Video (How Targeting, Retargeting, and Lookalike Audiences work)
  • How to Develop an Online Audience (How to get Known, Liked, and Trusted)

So if this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, fill out the form below and, if it’s a good fit, I’ll make sure to save your seat.

– Alex

My Story:

You can throw a rock and hit a real estate agent.

Okay, I exaggerated. My point is that everyone knows a realtor. In Southeast Minnesota there are over a thousand agents.

You either find a new and unique way that truly serve your clients or you become a commodity, easily supplemented with any other agent.

The industry is filled with these type of agents and, the truth is, it’s not even really their fault.

Typical training for a new agent is put a sign in the yard, post it on the MLS, and maybe pander to their personal Facebook page where mom and a couple friends will like it.

“It’s all about relationships!” they will say.

“Really? People should just want to work with me because I’m a nice guy? Not because I offer any unique advantage?”MISSION STATEMENT

Yeah, I didn’t buy it either. I’m a great guy and all but I wanted it to be clear that, when it comes to real estate, I was the obvious right choice.

And when it came to marketing I believe “If everyone’s doing it, then there’s no real value in choosing you over someone else.”

Hosting an open house, passing out some flyers, featuring it on your personal website, and all the other stuff was just basic to me.

I actually do have a pretty great home search website you can check out here though!

Anyways, the traditional way wasn’t for me. That’s why when I started noticing things I was searching for online kept showing up on my social media feeds.

Seriously, one time I was “thinking” about ordering a new calendar and next thing I see was an advertisement for the next years calendar with my dogs personal breed as the monthly photo.

That calendar spent that next year on my office wall.

That’s when it all came together for me! If I could meet people in the same way, with relevant and useful information, I could change the way real estate was being done!

I’m not just posting a home showcasing up on my business page, boosting it, or paying a small monthly fee for “generic, non-personalized content”.

Nope. I write my own content, record my own videos, release 2 or 3 new campaigns a week, and over 40,000 Rochester area locals interact with my online presence every month.

On any given day, my video content gets over 5 hours of video views. I’ve developed real audience that is engaging every day AND they are all local!

If you are a homebuyer, this allows you to inform yourself on your own time and get a taste for my overall philosophy on approaching the market in a strategic way.

If you are selling your home, the huge advantage is I can put your home in front of that audience. With me, you can get more hours of video views than there is time in a day.

Check out my 24-Hour Plus Club for more information. 24-Hour Plus Club

Whether you are buying or selling your home, I’d love the opportunity to show you what I believe makes my strategy so special and unique. And why I truly feel I can provide the best experience.

This is Alex Mayer with Counselor Realty Buy and Sell Strategically.