Undestanding Rochester MN Market Trends

May Market Trends Update

May Market Update 2019

May Market Trends Update

It’s time to Get Real about Rochester’s Housing Trends.

Foot, Flagging, Flat and Falling, there’s a multitude of areas that we can apply this, such as Market Trends, Strategy, and even Housing Prices

The Inverted U curve concepts help us understand Rochester Market Trents
The Inverted U curve concepts help us understand Rochester Market Trendseven Housing Prices. For years we have been experiencing the Foot Phase. According to InfoSparks the Appreciate Rate and the Rochester median sale price range from 10.3% in 2017 to 9.5% in 2018.

However, we are seeing indicators of Flagging with only a 5.5% Appreciation Rate from last year to today, housing prices are continuing to rise, just not as rapidly as seen in years prior. Eventually the market will even out, and yes, at some point we could even see housing values drop.

Rochester MN 3 Year Market Trends
Rochester MN 3 Year Median Sales Price Market Trends

Nobody has a crystal ball and we cannot answer anything definitively. There could also be other variables involved, such as the effects of the record snowfall this last winter. But one thing remains, today the market is flooded with buyers and we have a lack of inventory. To hear a more thorough discussion click the link below.

This is Alex Mayer with Counselor Realty, Buy and Sell Strategically.

May Market Update 2019
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