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Do not just take a real estate agent’s word for it that they are good at negotiations. This is something that I see a lot of real estate agents throw around out there, just as much as I see them throw around that they’re great at marketing. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that my marketing is on point I’m here today to show you how my negotiation strategies are on point as well. So, a lot of agents will come out there and say that they will help you negotiate the best price for the property.

And honestly, in my experience, a lot of them are either agents getting lucky on the sale of the property or on helping their buyers get an accepted offer, or there’s a situation where they’re just telling you that and there’s really nothing there to actually back that up. And if there isn’t, you need to understand that that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars on either your home purchase or your home sale, or potentially both, if you’re doing that.

See, I have been in negotiation since I was 18 years old, I’m 32 now. I hold three credentials in negotiation strategies. I hold awards in that field and I also have been nominated as a finalist for the best real estate agent here in the Rochester area. It is not uncommon for me to represent a client and save them north of $30,000 on either purchase or sale or both on the transactions. And I wanna make sure that this is clear to people that it’s not just about the purchase price on the home when you’re buying. We could might be able to get you a better deal on the financing as well. We might be able to get you closing costs. We might be able to help you in some sort of situation where inspections become an issue.

In my experience, the best thing that we can do for a home buyer or seller in today’s market is make sure that they’re educated on exactly what is happening in the marketplace. Now, we can’t always win on both ends but we can always make sure that we get you the best situation possible and in my experience that always will come down to strategy, making sure that you understand the playing field so that we can actually make good things happen for you when they arrive. You know you gotta put yourself in the way for good things to happen.

That’s my experience in real estate. That’s my experience in helping people negotiate the best deals. I have represented hundreds of buyers and sellers here in the Rochester area, I know what is working on a day to day basis, I am actively in the marketplace. In fact, I’m working real estate today, if you’re watching this video, I’m consistent in this. I encourage you to reach out to me. There are a lot of agents out there that will tell you that they know what’s going on or that they understand how marketing works or how negotiation works. And in my experience, a lot of that is just not true. They are not educating themselves. They are not educating their clients. And you can see it when you get to the closing table. Maybe not when you first start talking to that agent but when you get to the closing table, you will see that you did not come out ahead as much as what you probably thought you would have.

With me that stuff’s not gonna happen. I encourage you to reach out to me. If you gimme a phone call, you gimme 10 minutes of your time, I assure you’ll it’ll be the best 10 minutes that you’ve had as a conversation about real estate in your lifetime. And I’m in a hurry to serve, and I look forward to hopefully connecting with you.

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