Engagement Marketing and How to Sell Rochester MN Homes for More

Engagement Marketing and How to Sell Rochester MN Homes for More

Engagement Marketing and How to Sell Rochester MN Homes for More

Engagement Marketing and How to Sell Rochester MN Homes for More

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Engagement Marketing is about putting your home in front of local shoppers who are searching in your area. It’s about presentation, targeting, and ultimately helping you to sell for top dollar.

My name is Alex Mayer and I want to thank you so much for taking the time to watch this. Let me tell you, this video is so important because it goes over the marketing that I do, what makes my engagement marketing plan so special and unique, why I truly feel my strategy is the best and why you should hire me and my team.

I want to start with that: I do have a team but it’s not the typical team that you see here in the Rochester area where

Engagement Marketing is about educating consumers

there is one large agent who has a team or group of agents who work underneath them and you’ll never end up meeting that head agent. I am in the Rochester Area real estate market trenches every day and you’ll be working directly with me. But I found early on in business that people have different skills and expertise so I have made it a mission to hire industry experts in each area to make a better experience for my clients.

Me. My skills are in education and negotiations. I’m constantly involved in making sure I am staying current on market trends both locally and nationally along with the advances in new ways of marketing. Further I pride myself on keeping my clients educated on the process and why my strategies work to maximize their goals and objectives. I’ve been in high end negotiations for over 10 years and have been a top performing Realtor in Rochester since 2016 often times doing as much or more in a month than the average agent does in a year.

When I say things, please don’t think I’m trying to brag, I just want you to understand that I really, really know my subject matter. That my team knows our subject matter, and that we truly are experts in our field. My core values are education, communication, and responsiveness. I take these values very seriously and it is noticeable in every way that I go about my business. Everything that I do is based upon research, data, and analytics. If I’m doing something it’s because I’ve researched it, and I know what’s working and what’s not.

Engagement marketing is based off of research, data, and analytics.

One of my go to publications is the National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyer and Sellers Report. It provides great information on how buyers and looking, when they’re going to buy, how they are looking, and what do they want. This is so valuable because it sets the foundation for how I’ve set up my team of experts to position your home ahead of the competition.

Now I cannot be an expert in everything so in order to get you top dollar, sell your house as fast as we can, and give you the best possible service I do have a team of professionals who are each the experts in their respective fields. On every one of my listings my professional stager will go through you home in a two-step process. That at my expense and free to you. First, they will go in to get an idea of how they’d like to go about staging your home and giving you tips with your own items if you have them. And second they will go in to personally stage with their own items. The research shows that homes that are staged sell an average of 3 to 6% more than homes that are not. That equates to a lot of money!

Once the staging process is completed we will schedule to have a professional photographer come through to take well lighted and expertly presented photos of your home. 97% of buyers begin their search online and 91% are using their mobile photos when they are looking for properties. Think about it anytime we’re out in public, what do you see, everyone’s always on their phones, heads down, and even at dinner sometimes, couples are on their phone.

Today’s shoppers have access to information at their fingertips and they are looking for photos, lots and lots of photos, and in fact many shoppers will look right past a listing if the photos aren’t good quality. And if your neighbor has better photos than you do they are going to stand out more. You can either help your neighbor sell their home or theirs sell yours so having professional photography is a must.

Finally, I’m going to have a professional videographer go through your home to create a showcasing video highlighting the best parts of your home. This is the same videographer responsible for all of my online ads and even recording this one right now. He is skilled in animation, lighting, and the strategies necessary to make your home stand out above the rest.

Many agents will take photos themselves, put a sign in the yard, put it on the MLS, and maybe host an open house on the weekend to sell your home. Now some agents may be doing one or two of these things but I am yet to see one person in my market who is using social media marketing properly. My hope is that after have seeing this you are coming to understand that not all agents are equal in the value that they provide. And incredible value is what I want to offer to all of my clients and we’re constantly improving upon, making it better, because we know that’s going to help you, which of course ultimately helps us as well.

Engagement marketing is about taking all of the pieces and putting them together to create as much activity on your home as possible by utilizing social media marketing strategies. Think about it, the average person visits Facebook 17 times a day for an average of 51 minutes a day.  Facebook wants our money and when you just post a video to your page you are only getting 3% of people who utilize that page are seeing it.

With my marketing strategies, a proper ads budget, and my marketing expertise we put your home in front of the right people at the right time where they are shopping. For example, on this one showcasing alone we had over 50 hours of video watched within only several weeks on the market in front of over 20,000 local shoppers who are specifically targeted to match the criteria of someone who is in the market for that type of home. 65% of buyers say

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they walk through a home they saw online so it’s really important that we position your home where people are searching.

I know this is a lot and there is much more that I could share with you from owning Rochester’s number one home search engine: RochesterAreaHomeFinder.com which generates over 200 new prospective buyers a week, my in-depth client education strategies, and decade long career in high end negotiations. There’s simply too much for me to go over in less than a ten-minute video but my hope is you can see here today what stands out about my strategies and why I truly believe that my team and I are the best for you to hire. Thank you for watching!

This is Alex Mayer with Counselor Realty Buy and Sell Strategically.

Engagement Marketing and How to Sell Rochester MN Homes for More
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