Create Your Personal Creed

Create Your Personal Creed

Create Your Personal Creed

Creating your Personal Creed

Why you should have a personal creed, what it is, how you can make your own and when and how it is you should use it.

My goal in to create a real sense of pride in our community based around what it is that we stand for, who we are, and what is it that we really hold as valuable.

I’m Alex Mayer with Counselor Realty of Rochester. Though I’m incredibly passionate about real estate and have developed a level of mastery over it, my real passion comes from learning and teaching others. It’s the ‘click’ that I get to see in other people’s eyes as they come to some sort of understanding on a new perspective, idea, or concept that gets me excited.

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How do you align your life around your personal values?

There are a lot of the narratives in our lives are coming from outside of ourselves. From family, from the mass media, from the society around us, but we often forget to take the time to sit down and think about what is it that is truly important to us personally. What is it that I hold as valuable? With that you can change the limiting narratives in your life by creating some new stories and beliefs around your unique values and become more authentically yourself. This isn’t just about following your passion, which I feel is an oversimplification of the process, but about having some sort of clarity for how it is that you should live your life? It comes down to focus and having a consciousness around your behaviors.

This keep us aligned with our values. With your list of values to remind yourself throughout the day, you’re going to be more congruent living those values. It’s about keeping your focus on those things as we have a tendency in our lives to get distracted, we lose course, we get off-centered with who it is that we really are. That’s okay to because we all fall short sometimes. You need to be okay with that, get back up and start all over again.

By having a reminder around of who you are, what it is you’ve been through, what you stand for, and what’s important, you begin to live more congruently with those values. In psychology, they talk about the self-fulfilling prophecy: if you tell someone that they’re dumb or stupid they’re going to begin to feel that way and it’s going to start becoming true. Likewise, if you start telling yourself “I live these values” and you actually believe it, then you’re going to want to become that person. The narratives and stories you are telling yourself affect what you are going to get, both the good and the bad. You need to focus on what it is that you truly want to be known for. As you go about your days you’re going to develop a self-efficacy and belief that you are and can actually be that person.

What is a personal creed?

Similar to goals and affirmations, which are focused on measurable outcomes and future aspirations, a personal creed is a list of principles and behaviors that you have determined are important to you. This could be around your family, your friends, career, spirituality, education, you have a whole multitude of different values you may have. When you clearly define what they are and the behaviors that you need to have to be that person. Then your actions, your habits, and rituals are all going to lead you living consistently with them. You’ll be able to handle being blindsided and make complex decisions under the uncertainty quickly because its coming from your heart.

Personal Creed, Rochester MN Housing MarketYou ever hear yourself on a recording and think “Do I really sound that way?” Well how are you being perceived by the people around you? When it comes to living your values, are you being seen differently than you’d like? By being fully present and engaged in your authentic voice and character you can have the most impact. Once you clearly define who you want to be you start living in line with becoming that person.

It should be one page or less, simple, and easy to recall. It’s a living and breathing document subject to change over time, because what’s important to us changes throughout our lives. So, make sure to leave some running room here. Keep it in eyesight, on your phone, by your desk, or your bed.

How to make one

First you need to think deeply about what it is you want to be known for? What is it that you can value? Think about what your funeral would be like. What would you like people to say about you? Make a list of the 10 or so core qualities, you can make as many as you want, but start with ten. Then, list out three behaviors for each core quality. For example, if one of your values was you wanted to be ‘present’ you could write centered, engaged, and focused. With ‘Education’, you could write always learning, seeking new ideas, and investing in my education. Once you’ve done that for all ten create “I Statements”.  For example, with ‘Education’ you could say “I’m always learning, seeking new ideas, and investing in my personal growth.” On being “Present”, “I’m centered, focused, and engaged.”

When and How to Use It

Keep this close by, try to read it out loud when you can or quietly to yourself when you can’t. You’ll need to periodically remind yourself of who you are and what you stand for. Try to read through it a couple times a day. First time should be in the first 20 minutes of your day to set the foundation. You could do it early afternoon at lunch or just before bed. Also, any other times you may need it such as if you have some sort of important project that you’re working on, have a presentation, or going through something hard. Take the time to remind yourself of who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and what you stand for. That you are a good person.Personal Creed, Rochester MN Housing Market

There you have it! Now you have a guiding star that you can use to help you navigate the twists and turns of life. Remember that you’re going to fall short sometimes, we’re human and not perfect. You need to be willing to accept yourself throughout this whole process, we are all a work in progress, and you’re not done yet. You have a lot more good you can do ahead of you. It is my hope here that your personal creed gives you the focus to live your authentic character, make a difference in the world, and build that community that we can all cosign together. If you do know anyone else you think should see this please share it with them. Thank you for taking the time to watch this today and one final thing. We all need you to be that person.

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